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Our History

he Rotary Club of Tamworth First Light

The Rotary Club of Tamworth First Light is one of six Rotary Clubs in Tamworth. It was chartered on May 29th 1990. The Club’s first President was solicitor, Brian Thompson. The club grew from the notion that many Tamworth business people would like the idea of meeting for breakfast once a week in a service club environment. The prime movers in forming the club were John Barwick and Bob Scherf from Tamworth West Rotary Club. The name First Light had its origins in the fact that Tamworth has been known as the City of Light (before Country Music Capital took over). Naturally the fact that it is a breakfast club, meeting at the Sanctuary Inn Wednesdays at 6:45am for 7am meeting, lent itself to the name as well.

Tamworth First Light has a current membership of over 70 and it is a mixed gender club. The first female member was admitted in January 1995.

A summary of each year, compiled by Terry Burgess, is available in the following pdf files.
1990 to 1991 1995 to 1996 2000 to 2001 2005 to 2006 2010 to 2011
1991 to 1992 1996 to 1997 2001 to 2002 2006 to 2007 2011 to 2012
1992 to 1993 1997 to 1998 2002 to 2003 2007 to 2008 2012 to 2013
1993 to 1994 1998 to 1999 2003to 2004 2008 to 2009
1994 to 1995 1999 to 2000 2004 to 2005 2009 to 2010

The Club prides itself on being travel experts … mainly golf and leisure tourism. Its members organise successful and enjoyable golf trips to Coffs Harbour and the Gold Coast every year. This year the club organised the first Hunter Valley Golf Trip. Club Past President and Paul Harris Fellow Dick Davison and his wife Pauline run many leisure Tours under the name “Condiki Tours”. The club gratefully acknowledges the wonderful assistance it receives from Hannafords Coaches in organising all these trips because they are the foundation of all the club’s fundraising activities. Funds are also raised through more traditional methods such as raffles, fundraising dinners, and occasionally simple bucket brigades through the main street or through the crowds at the Annual Children’s Medical Research Institutes Christmas Carol’s in the Park.

Tamworth First Light Rotary Club is a strong supporter of Local Vocational and Community Service. It also contributes strongly to international goodwill projects, as is expected of all Rotary Clubs.

Assistance in financial terms or by “helping hands on” has been provided for :

  • Community Barbeques in Anzac Park and Viaduct Park
  • Picnic tables have been constructed at the Tourist Information Centre
  • Camp Quality in 1992 and again for Camp Quality 2000
  • Painting of Private homes for disadvantaged citizens and Bullimbal Special School.
  • Support for local indigenous students to attend Reconciliation Conferences
  • Tamworth Base Hospital Dementia Care Unit, Diabetes Stabilisation Unit and Mammography Unit as well as providing a number of pieces of valuable medical equipment over the years.
  • Challenge Foundation
  • Annual Bowelscan Community Medical Programme
  • Ronald McDonald Red Gum House Newcastle (Very important to many Tamworth families with sick children)
  • Playground equipment at both City and Scully Park Pools
  • Support for a Helicopter Rescue Service for Tamworth Involvement in Clean up Australia Day every year
  • Privet Eradication Programme for Tamworth Lookout.

Tamworth First Light Rotary Club is looking forward to continuing its proud tradition of Community Service built up over a short time. They also look forward to many more golf and leisure trips away. It’s the most enjoyable way they know of, to raise much needed funds for Rotary Projects.

Photo Gallery


Rotary Gallery.
This photo gallery contains over 3200 photos covering our club activities since 2006

Members are encouraged to view, download and also add their own  comments to each photo.
Rotary photos are welcomed from members. Please either put them on a CD or email then to Bruce Hemmett

Photo’s for 2004 – 2005
January 2005 to June 2005
Xmas 2004
June 2004 to December 2004
Changeover 2004 – 72 photos

Photo’s for 2003 – 2004
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Photo’s for 2002 – 2003
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Photos for 2001 – 2002
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